Detox Your JewELry Box

Have you ever opened your jewelry box and wondered, “When am I ever going to wear that?”

You should open your jewelry box and love every single piece you own. We all have jewelry that was given to us that doesn’t fit our personal style or taste. This could be an old pin from your grandmother or a necklace from your husband from twenty years ago. If you never wear it, these pieces are just taking up space instead of being fashionable.

At Zaltas, in Mamaroneck, NY, we specialize in giving your jewelry box a spa treatment. We love to take the gemstones out of these pieces you will never wear and give them a new life by creating one or more wonderful pieces of jewelry you will cherish and love. You Can “Detox Your Jewelry Box™” today. Come into the store or work with us over the phone or on the Internet. This is one of the most fun and meaningful things you will ever do!!! Great value, amazing memories and presto, no more toxic jewelry box!